Nexia Home Intelligence

What is Nexia Home Intelligence?

Nexia Home Intelligence helps you stay connected to what matters most to you. Unlike competing systems, Nexia is more than a product with an app. Instead, Nexia has an app that controls multiple products—one app, countless products. That’s the beauty of Nexia. It brings together all the connected products in your home so you can manage them remotely from a single app on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

How does Nexia work?

  • Devices in the home communicate using Z-Wave technology, a wireless Radio Frequency-based communications platform, or Wi-Fi.
  • The Nexia Bridge in the home listens for changes to devices and reports this information to the Nexia portal for status updates.
  • The Nexia web and mobile apps use the bridge to send commands (such as “lock the door”) to devices.

In addition to providing basic functionality, Nexia allows subscribers to tap into the advanced features of products. For example, with an electronic lock, Nexia allows you to remotely lock/unlock the door, as well as add/delete codes or check which codes have been entered. In addition to device control and monitoring, Nexia allows subscribers to automate their home so products work together. For example, when a certain code is entered at the lock, it could trigger the camera to record video, a light to turn on and a text alert to be sent.

What exactly does Nexia allow you to do?

Nexia allows you to access, monitor, and control smart products in your home all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  With Nexia, you can easily make your products work together to improve the comfort, efficiency, and security of your home.

Nexia keeps you informed about what's happening in the home:

  • Activity or motion -- when door/window or motion sensors detect activity
  • Door access -- anytime anyone enters a door code
  • Tamper alerts -- if the wrong lock code is entered or activity is detected at the door
  • Bridge disconnect and reconnect -- notices whenever power/Internet goes off or turns back on
  • Low battery reminders -- when the batteries in door locks are running low
  • Furnace filter change reminders -- when it is time to change your HVAC filter
  • Temperature alerts -- if the temperature is out of range

Nexia helps you stay connected and in control even when away:

  • Adjust thermostat before you get home so you always arrive to a comfortable home
  • Create secure access codes for housekeeper or guest to get in when you can't be there
  • Lock the door from across town or across the country
  • Schedule lights to come on at dusk so you arrive to a safe, well-lit home.

Use "automations" and "modes" to adjust your home automatically:

  • Create a "vacation mode" that automatically adjust the thermostat, locks doors, arms sensors, and schedules lights while you are gone.
  • Select "goodnight mode" at bedtime to automatically lock doors, dim lights, and adjust temperature.

The cool thing about Nexia is that you get to decide what matters.  You can start small, then grow your system to fit your life so you stay connected to what matters most.

What makes Nexia different?

Simply put, Nexia was built with its subscribers in mind. We’ve designed Nexia so it’s easy to install, use and—most importantly—stay connected to what matters most. As a result, you choose the products you want on the system. You aren’t limited to products only made by a certain manufacturer, as is the case with closed design systems. You get to choose the Z-Wave products you prefer or already have in your home. Even more, you get to decide how those products work together. For a low monthly subscription, Nexia provides a fully connected home—with no extra fees or contracts.

Key benefits of the Nexia system include:

  • Future-ready platform that allows you to customize your home with a wide range of products from today’s most innovative home brands
  • Scalability so the system can be expanded over time
  • Automatic updates on new features and ways to control the home
  • Affordable price so subscribers can have the benefits of home automation without the cost of legacy or heavily customized systems
  • Subscriber support based in the U.S. to help you get the most out of your system
  • Privacy of your data. Our promise to you is that we will never sell or compromise your personal information. That is a guarantee
Learn more about Nexia Home Intelligence at Discover Nexia or online with your American Standard Dealer Account